Miller Hoppers Services

Miller Hoppers is here to serve you on-farm with the following list of services:

New Trial Service: Bin Refurbishment


Old unused bins on the farm are a common sight and a waste of capital.  They can be refurbished to become part of the modern farm. Our team is creating a new service of on-farm repair and enhancement of existing bins through adding bin stiffeners, lifting the bins up to add hoppers, adding temperature and moisture monitoring gauges, and aeration needs.  


Give us a call to see if your old existing bins can be refurbished and become an active part of your storage management system. We are booking now for next spring.

Grain bin moving from Miller Hoppers
Bin crane moving custom hopper cone built by Miller Hoppers

Choose from various options including:

  • Skid packages
  • Hopper Bottoms
  • Temperature cables
  • Aeration
  • Crank side gates
  • Auger chutes
  • Bin Stiffeners


Bin Delivery

Miller Hoppers products are manufactured with direct delivery to farms across Western Canada.

Miller Hoppers delivery services include trucks with unloading equipment and a crew that will help you erect the bin.


Have questions? Our staff specialists are here to help.

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Miller Hopper is equipped with bin cranes
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