custom hopper bottoms on delivery truck
custom hopper bottoms on delivery truck

Miller Hoppers

Regardless of the type or size of your bins, Miller Hoppers can create a hopper cone solution to meet your needs. Miller Hopper cones are engineered for safety and longevity with industry-leading support and farm-site delivery.


  • 100% welded
  • All loose material is prepped and primed
  • Hoppers are painted inside and out
  • Cone material is attached to the structural ring for ease of mounting
  • Legs around the perimeter for added stability
  • Standard 33-35 degree slope, but can be custom designed for up 45 degrees
  • 24” manholes are standard on cones

A twelve-year structural warranty comes standard with all Miller Hopper cones.

Miller Hopper custom bottom bins delivered to farms in Alberta


Hopper Features

Choose from various options including:

Skid packages


Crank side gates

Auger chutes

Miller Drip Collar bin option for hopper cone



Miller Slide Gate

Lever style gate standard with rack and pinion. The Miller Slide Gate is roller bearing suspended and built without a track. The design ensures easier opening, especially when loaded.

Miller Auger Chutes option for hopper cone



Miller Drip Collar

The Miller Drip collar keeps rainwater and condensation from coming in contact with the side gate, reducing spoilage.

Miller skid used to mount on hopper bins




Miller Auger Chutes

Swivel chutes (360 degrees) or stationary auger chutes can be custom built to reach your existing bins. We mount Miller Auger Chutes magnetically to the bottom of your bin, to prevent the chute from opening all the way and reducing spills.

Miller Side aeration for custom hopper cones


Miller Skids

When placed upon a compacted gravel base, the skid design offers stability without the need for concrete pads. A circular skid will provide greater strength and stability while offering greater transportability. Skids are available with a single, double and triple ring, depending on your bin size. Skids are available for all hopper bins.

Miller Horizontal Aeration



Miller Horizontal Aeration

Miller Side aerations systems are available in 18’- 24” round openings. Horizontal aeration is available in all hopper sizes. Grain Guard rockets available.

Steel floors

Miller Hoppers steel floors are available to fit every flat bottom bin make and model of any size. These steel floors also include a twelve-year limited warranty and are 100% resaleable. In addition, a steel grain bin can make older grain bins easier to use and extend their longevity. All steel floors come with a minimum of four anchor points.


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